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Hello, friends!

Hello friends!

Over the past couple of years, on Tumblr, I have answered a lot of questions about sex, life, and personal goals & shared stories from my personal life as well. I’ve noticed that people have deemed my page as a “sex blog,” and recently I’ve been toying with the idea of taking that further.

Seeing feedback from my followers and reading the stories people share about how I have helped them deal with their strife, insecurities, and dilemmas has been incredibly inspiring and humbling. It has sparked my interest in creating more of an actual “journaling blog,” so I can concentrate on answering peoples questions more so than re-blogging visuals.

When we talk, I’m usually presented with a question that I answer accordingly. The whole point of a blog is supposed to be about writing about your life and experiences, which is something I surprisingly am struggling with doing. I’m reaching out to you all here today to ask you a question; what would you like to hear more of? Do we want to talk about sex? love? self-worth/self-image? health? family?

I want to hear your thoughts so I have a better grasp of what your needs are & to continue building our relationship. Even though most of my followers post anonymously, I have people tell me that they confide in me over their actual friends and family; they have no outlet with their peers and are ashamed to discuss these topics in person.

As I write this, I have second thoughts and wonder if this is even something I want to pursue, so your feedback is incredibly important to me. I consider myself an open and honest person, and I appreciate my followers reciprocating that.

Sex, love, and romance penetrate our lives, and I enjoy discussing these topics out loud just as much as I enjoy experiencing them. I have a passion for people, all types. I also have a passion for experience and knowledge. In the spirit of expanding this blog, I hope we can come together to learn about life and educate each other, and that we can potentially walk away with something valuable; meaningful conversation and a bit of enlightenment.

Please send me your comments and questions! I look forward to answering :-)

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