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Word of the Day

Hi, guys!!

So to get started, I've had a few people ask me to share my journal entries. With hopes of this blog helping people solve their dilemmas, I'm hoping we can jointly learn a thing or two from each other outside of strife- shared enlightenment. Several months ago I bought a pack of "Angel Cards" that I discovered online that consisted of a deck of cards with inspirational or thought provoking words written on them. My goal was to pick a word every day, write about it, then ask strangers to contribute their thoughts on the word as well. I've fallen off my chore of choosing and writing about a word daily but I still find time to write about certain words as often as I can.

I can post my confessions, experiences, and thoughts to the world but what difference does it make if I'm unwilling to see and hear what the world has to say back? Seeing what you, you, and you have to say about the word "love" or "acceptance" can broaden my definition of it, and in return I'll be able to practice each word a little differently; with the hope that you can as well. One of my favorite things when speaking to people is cutting through all the bullshit, and going straight to raw, pure depth. What makes you happy? What make you sad? Have you experienced grief? What has been your greatest triumph? When asking people these sorts of questions, it filters out the facade so many people live behind.

One of the biggest misunderstanding we have towards each other as people is realizing that we are each individuals with our own subjective outlook on life. It's surprisingly hard for some people to understand this. We experience life through our own eyes; interpreting life differently from others based on our own experiences. There is no way my views of life will ever be exactly like yours because of individuality: upbringing, socioeconomics, traumatization, etc. But! Meeting people who share similar beliefs as you, being able to understand and empathize with one another, feeling accepted, and recieving support (whether you gain these from family, friends, acquaintances, people you meet in passing or strangers you talk to over the internet) are all beautiful things to experience. Coming together and seeing each other united and supportive for each other rather than against each other is a beautiful thing.

I hope to accomplish some of this unity. Contribute and comment on posts if you feel the need to share your definition or thoughts. Sit back and read if you just want your mind to wander and only observe. The word flourish can be described as developing rapidly and successfully; thriving. I chose my slogan "flourishing together" with the same idea intended. Posts are soon to come, thank you for your time!

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