an intense feeling of deep affection; a person or thing that one loves

heart skips a beat; being in love and loving; unexpected; unconditional; never goes away; never turns to hate; can turn to hate; life changing; beautiful; fulfilling; emotional

“Love is 1,000 times stronger than like. To me, it isn’t a word that just gets thrown around. Once I love you I will never not love you. To me, love is meant for living things. Something that can love you back. It is not something to be wasted on things.”

“Love is walking into a room and seeing that one person, that one person, and having the whole world stop. All eyes are wandering around the room, but mine; mine are on you. Everything is slowed down, and the whole world stops. Nothing else matters for that moment. This is it. You're it. My one? No, there is never really "one," but I like you for some reason. Seeing someone raw and in the moment. I want to know who you truly are; physical, emotional, mental. I see you are flawed, and I accept it. I appreciate your flaws and wouldn’t change them for anything. It’s easy, and effortless. It’s shutting the fuck up and enjoying the moment. It's simplicity. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will repeat it, thank you. What a world we live in. Day in and day out. Things that don’t exist or matter surround us. Thank you for those heightened moments. I’m thankful for them everyday; in the slow moments and busy ones. All of you. The love I have is deep; platonic and romantic. My love for my friends, family, and life; and the love I’m hopelessly looking for. By the grace of God, I’m allowed to feel love and I have been so very fortunate to have experienced this feeling. Every opportunity is a trial and error. I’m tested, pushed, and taught lessons everyday. For me, my romance is unexplored, and it’s always unexpected. I have’t been allowed to fully indulge. So thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you again. For this feeling of love is truly amazing. I will respect it, strive to understand it, fully pursue it, and embrace it every opportunity I get. Thank you. 3-27-17, 1:41 AM”;

“Love for me is everything. It’s what makes the world revolve. I met a person recently who has this view of love as settling down, getting married, then having children; as if your life ends and your love can be thrown down and measured in years and has some sort of lifespan expectancy. Fuck that, fuck that, fuck that. Love is endless and unmeasurable and fuck, immeasurable? It is infinite. Love for me would be a grand adventure of the unexpected and unexplored, and I'm so eager to go exploring.”

“I love my country. I love my guns. I love my family. I love my job. I love Sara Parries. I love my dogs. And anyone who has a problem with that has to come through me, because this is America and mountain boy is good enough for me.”