bold; reaching out; unexpected, taking a chance; it can be scary; understanding consequences; no risk - no reward; all or nothing, can change your life immensely; “fuck it” attitude; trust; believe in yourself and your decisions

“I like taking chances. The moment an opportunity presents itself I usually seize it and run. Someone will ask for a volunteer for something, and me (not knowing what the task is) will usually say, “Fuck it! Might as well be me over anyone?” These tasks I’m mentioning aren’t the most courageous or daring, and they usually involve me sticking my hand behind a refrigerator or using my tiny fingers to wedge something out of another something. But! The thrill of doing something unknown and having an unknown outcome is the reward. Risks can be bold and brave or innocent and small; but both can shape a person immensely. I’ve made a huge list of dumbass decisions that have built me to be the individual I am today and I’m thankful to have made those risks. The thing with taking a risk, and seeing the outcome, is growing from it afterwards. I went out of my way to experience something, may or may not have fucked up, and I can take the wisdom from that and continue. Stay taking risks. Continue to fuck up, but learn from it.”;

“And I feel the name of the game is risk versus reward. What risk am I taking and what’s the reward? Somedays I take a little risk and I get a little reward. And then somedays I take a hell of a risk and I have to wait…. And that’s the most excruciating wait you will ever have in life. Those risks that you don't get the instant reward. Those things you need to wait on… and wait on… and when they come in its the best feeling in the world. So the question is.. in our society what risk should I take versus the reward I get? It’s a personal choice and that’s where the rubber meets the road. When you weight that risk and have to wait and wait and wait to the point where you may doubt yourself and think what the fuck did I do that for? And then one day when you least expect it the boomerang of karma comes back and rewards you all at once. Then you think to yourself, 'What a fucking adult I am! What intelligence did I show to even think of taking such a risk?' Then to have all the goodies come back to me at once is like being a child at Christmas having all the presents at once. Risk versus reward is the chance we take and it’s all on us. Every choice we make is in somewhat a risk versus reward and when we get it right is the inspiration and aspiration to make another risk. To gamble on the wheel of fortune and to know we came out on the right end is the essence of nailing what being human is about. The best feeling in the world!!!”

“I've risked my life, love, money and other people’s money in my short time on this earth. Some have been rewarding, some have been extremely disappointing but I don’t regret a single one of them. Life is about taking risks, without them everything would be so vanilla. I’m the king of ‘Hold my whiskey and watch this’”

“When it happens it will, just don't forget to enjoy the small things on the way there.”