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a state of happiness and satisfaction; gratification; fulfillment; pleasure; cheerfulness; settling on something that makes you happy; "It's not necessarily settling for anything less or making a compromise (which for me usually is the connotation with the word settling) but knowing you are happy or at peace and not striving for anything else. This is something I really need to work on. I'm content with certain things in my life like friendships and family, but it's still hard for me to be alone. "

"Being content is knowing myself as a person and being proud of the individual I am. Being content is knowing that I will fuck up a lot, but I'm confident with the decisions I make because my intentions are pure. Being content is being happy with my surroundings. I want to be content with my partner and know that they are not going anywhere, and that they feel at home with me just like I feel at home with them. Being content is sitting on my patio right now, surrounded by all of my plants, and knowing that they are tiny parts of the universe that I have the luxury of looking at everyday. It's a work in progress, but I'm getting there."

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