a feeling of great pleasure and happiness; delight; rejoice; feeling love and warmth in my heart; laughing until my belly is sore and my eyes hurt from being shut too long; seeing fields of flowers; security; my loved ones; tiny blooms and watching growth; walking down roads and alleyways and seeing petals float towards me and odds & ends that aren't normal standards of beauty; a florist shop throwing away old stems and branches, knowing they just put a masterpiece together; puppy breathe and innocence; happy no matter what the cost; "The feeling that makes your heart smile, just seeing, hearing or feeling something. Children laughing & playing is the first thing that came to mind. Surprisingly seeing your face at lunch today gave me joy! :-)"

"John Bellon. Laughing at memes. Flowers and weeds in concrete. Being a fucking dumbass. Laughing at people falling down mountains (watch Hot Rod for reference- if you know me you know this shit makes my day). Making ugly faces. Baby cows. Shoving my face into a bouquet of flowers. The idea of being in love. Mud. Spitting off the top floor of balconies. Sitting in this coffee shop and knowing I have to walk home in the rain. Yeah it's fucking pouring right now by the way."