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the action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered; allow an action to come into your life; "acceptance, enjoyment, enthusiasm; the three modalities of life"; learning to let go

"Possibly one of the greatest things to overcome, especially whenever you're trying to accept something that is unwanted. Although it can be hard and frustrating trying to bring yourself to welcome reality with open arms at times, gaining peace is an achievement worth a lifetime. Accepting your reality and understanding it wholly will give you wisdom and guidance for later on- which is something that it most valuable to me. I've had to accept things about myself that I have once denied and hated- but now own proudly because I understand them. I've had to accept things about other people that infuriate me and drive me mad- however with understanding and forgiveness I accept others and receive my peace. With acceptance is comprehension. Comprehension is understanding, and with understanding is knowledge. I'm thankful for my open-mind always seeking wisdom, and I pray that I am able to accept whatever comes my way with enthusiasm and tolerance."

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