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the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists; have as ones intentions or objective; Justin Bieber; reasoning; Gods intentions; destiny; everything happens for a reason; things happen at certain times to teach you lessons and for you to learn from them; meeting him to learn what I want

"What the fuck is my purpose? Why do you keep asking me what I want to do? No, I don't want to work in real estate and no, I don't want to work at a bar. What do I want to do? I want to help people. I would love to change the world. I wish that I could bring a smile to every persons face I have an encounter with, but that's unrealistic. I'm tired, and want to hide sometimes. I'm moody and don't want to talk to people. I feel like I have no purpose. It's useless and I shouldn't even bother because odds are it won't make a difference. Then I think, "Who the fuck are you? There's probably someone else who could do this better than you." And that's where I come in and shine. Instead of playing the devil on my shoulder, I'm the angel and I say, "I'm Sara P, and I do this shit better than anyone." My purpose is to make people around me better. Maybe not better, but happier. A friendly chat or a walk in the park can be all that I offer. I would love to think that I can brighten someones day by simply talking to them about how a bouquet of flowers can make all the difference in the world to ones mood; or how valuable self-worth is because it's crucial for self-preservation. Who knows, I might talk all this talk and end up working some bum-ass job for the rest of my life, miserable and unhappy. I could turn into a burnout with absolutely no motivation to succeed. I think I know my purpose, and I'm going to take every opportunity I have to flourish and push myself to be better- to make others better. Our purpose is to become the best individual we can be for ourself and others, and I strive to embody that."

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