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How Do You Bloom?

King Krush Blues, Session 1 - Strangers

"...and with a shy grin and a quick turn, she handed me the note containing a phone number and a name." The beginning to one of the best nights of my life started when I received an invitation to go on a date with someone who I had never seen before, nor had I even spoken to. In the city of Tucson, AZ, I was working as a contractor, repairing my company's product in the field, when all of the sudden this petite, blonde, young woman approaches me and hands me a piece of paper, then fled the scene. Flattered at first, I was soon frightened by the possibility of malicious intent. Thoughts of being robbed by a group of ill-mannered people, who prey on young men that are clearly from out of town flooded my mind. Not to mention, my track record with women was at an all-time low, having just realized the girl back home was just using me to get back at her ex-fiancé. Something inside of me decided to take a chance on it, and hope for the best. The following night we proceeded to meet and run the town. We were dancers in the ballroom, taking over the floor with our bodies and hearts intertwined, rumbling and shifting with the music in the night air. Our time was coming to an end, and with my left hand on her waist, and my right hand brushing blonde hair over her tiny ear, I stared down at this complete stranger who had softened my heart, and gave me something I would hold for the rest of my life; Belief. I believe in the kindness of strangers, of bystanders, of people, and that everyone deserves a chance. I've known all too well from my youth what it feels like to not be given one, and to be passed up for "something better." I never spoke to that girl again. We experienced a whirlwind romance in an hour glass with no bottom. Feelings and passion being whisked away, like sand in the wind, and I had one of the greatest nights in my life. All because I took a chance, and hoped for the best in humanity. This is how I bloom.

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