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How Do You Bloom?

"Bloom! The moment of bloom is the moment of turning that inner potential of becoming a flower to suddenly being a flower. The full beauty of the flower is hidden from us until the moment of maturation. To me this is the perfect metaphor for living my life. To manifest something into this really world from the seed of an idea. We nurture that idea into maturation which requires having the proper commitment to see the process through. For 99% of the journey you will not see the fruits of your labor, but in one magical moment all is revealed. Some ideas are small and need a little work while others we have are big and may need years to develop into the world. To experience this bloom is to experience the one true feeling of awe as you forget about the idea you manifested but instead realize the change that had to happen inside you to bring this idea into reality. The ability to now increase the perception of your own possibilities. When you are in that magically moment where you realize the only thing that can stop you from living your dreams is you! Then I think I am in bloom. The sheer effortless power it has. If you can tap into this power then you can master life- for you will live in the existence of the garden you alone have created. How do you want your garden to look like? Will you enjoy playing in your garden? How much commitment are you willing to put in to make it happen? When I ask myself these questions do they inspire me to challenge the ideas I have about my own perception of who I am? For when I am in bloom I am truly in awe of my own possibilities and my life becomes a play written from my own hand."

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